Welcome Facebook Readers!!!

Hi there! If you’ve just discovered me and my blog (and my book) through FB, welcome! Please take a look around my site.

One of the best places to read here is MYSTERY BLOGGERS. These are personal assistants to famous people who can’t reveal their identities but are dishing about their jobs. Also, please read MISS KNOW IT ALL, gossip columnist. She will answer your questions! Just email her.

SPECIAL FOR NEWBIES! If you are buying my book, put in the comments that you heard about me through FB and I’ll send you a second copy FOR FREE! Great holiday gift!

Thanks for visiting.

5 Replies to “Welcome Facebook Readers!!!”

  1. Overseas? Sure!

    Oh, I posted the deadline on FB not on here. LOL

    You need to order by Dec. 5th so I have time to get the books to you, especially if these are for the holidays.

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