I Choose to be Happy

For me, I’m happy most of the time. Call me a cockeyed optimist. I really am, and, those of you who know me well know this to be true. I find myself smiling most of the time.

Other people’s successes make me smile. My cat makes me smile. The fact that I have a roof over my head and food on the table makes me happy. The ocean, the forests, the mountains make me happy. Kindness does, too. You may have noticed, however, that many people not only are not happy but they can’t wait to share that misery with you. Don’t let them! You may be thinking this approach is not very kind. I’m not  suggesting you cross the street the next time you see them, but you do need to stand up for your own happiness.

When they start with the latest horror story ask them what they are grateful for in their lives right now. People who whine a lot may’ve never taken a moment to look at life that way. It’s an important question for all of us to address.

     Are you a person who sees the worst in any situation Optimist-Pessimst-Wine-Glasses_03F75FF0(can you say doomsday predictions?) or do you see that glass half full (it could be worse, it’s actually not that bad). The way you see your world makes all the difference in how that world sees and interacts with you. Why not choose to be happy? 

We all need tools to navigate this crazy world. Here’s a little chart to help:


So change something. It can be as small as cutting your hair, wearing a cheerful color, cleaning your closets! Seriously! Clearing away the cobwebs really helps. Take a walk. Call a friend. Read an uplifting book or see a funny movie. Just do it. You’re worth it!


Happiness is celebrating another year on the planet. Happy birthday to me today.  🍾

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