Who Loves You, Baby?

Are you being taken care of at your job? Do you feel loved? I recently ran across a speech I gave years ago and was reminded of why I stayed with the same boss for  16 years! (Hint: It’s because I was valued.) I hope you can relate to and enjoy my little story below.

When I got the job with Louise Hay…she’s known as the queen of affirmations – everything is good, everything is good and if it’s not, we work on whatever’s making it not, get it handled quickly and move on.

When I got the job… the first thing she did was say to me  – “I’m moving.”  So two months later we’ve moved, and she said: “This is your office.” It was located inside an old house with a nice yard that had not one flower growing outside.  Not even a sad little bush. Well, Louise got there, and went nuts and in a short time, the garden was booming!

The very first area she planted was outside my office  window and sliding door. She slyly asked me the day before: “What’s your favorite color,” and I said “Yellow.” The next day I arrive for work, and she had planted all these yellow flowers for me and I went “Whoh-o-o-h.” I was shocked.

But, you know, I deserve. I worked hard to get here — twenty years in the trenches, so to speak. I deserve to have, and I then waited—this shows that it’s taken even me time to learn to speak up – I waited three years before I said to her:  “I have a gorgeous three thousand dollar desk that’s really beautiful, that you had brought in for me and I don’t have a goddamn drawer.”

It was this gorgeous Italian thing; it looked really impressive. A guy in the corporate office—he had the same set up and thought it was really great. He hired the company to bring it in and thought it was wonderful, and I didn’t want to say that it was inefficient.

And finally, after three years, I got up the nerve to say—“I want a drawer, for God’s sake!” She got the three thousand dollar desk out of there! We went together and bought something I could use. It had seven drawers… a functional desk and credenza and she asked, “Why didn’t you say something?” and I said, “Well… nobody asked what I thought.”  And why didn’t I say something?  I had no place to put anything: a file, a pencil, or a pen, for God’s sake. It was ridiculous.

So speak up, have fun and enjoy life. Life will reward you and love you back, maybe with some flowers planted outside your window or a new desk.

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