Your Questions Answered

Okay I am back from my 2 week vacation, so time to answer your questions!

Q: Why don’t you tell us more about your work with author Louise Hay?

A: I hadn’t thought about it! I assumed you would prefer I talk about all types of people, not just my boss. Also I don’t want this is become the “What’s Louise Hay up to today?” blog. That blog is However, I have taken this question to heart and will try to write a little bit about that in the future. If you’re looking for dirt on  celebrities, however, you’ll have to look else where.

Q: Are the questions sent to Miss Know It All real?

A: Absolutely! I know a lot of personal assistants, many to famous people, some just working in an environment that feels like it doesn’t support them, and they want advice. That’s how the column came about.

Q: How about featuring more tips about how to be an assistant or just about coping?

A: Will do! I thought the MKIA column was doing that but clearly people want more so will start featuring tips on a more frequent basis.

Q: Why aren’t you on Facebook?

A: I was, but I prefer  twitter. Please follow me at I post diva quotes everyday and sometimes comment on things like the recent award shows or if a diva is in the news that I want to spotlight. Tweet me back!

2 Replies to “Your Questions Answered”

  1. wow i cant believe all the letters you post are from real situations. crazy. thanks. i love your site.

  2. Thanks. After you posted this I got my May DIVA NEWS AND YOU (oops caps lock was on)….and you are starting to write more about what the job of working in a tough environment is like and how to navigate. I look forward to your monthly email!

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