Let’s Talk Grammys!

What do you think about the Grammy nominations that were announced yesterday? ladygaga

No surprise that Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are in the running for the top 2 prizes: Record of the Year and Album of the Year. In fact, all three ladies received a number of noms in many categories. My prediction: Taylor will win the big prize, Beyonce may get the Album of the Year nod, with Song of the Year going to Lady Gaga.

I know that Lady Gaga is the new flavor of the year (she has kicked butt with album sales this year, as have all these ladies) but she will have to pay her dues with the Grammy crowd for a few years before they will crown her the new princess in town. That title used to be Beyonce’s, but once again she will be upstaged (not by Kanye West) by everyone’s sweetheart (for now) Taylot Swift. That’s my take on it. I could be dead wrong and the Grammys will all go to Beyonce.

heapI was happy to see nominations for outsiders (not totally “outsiders” since they are IN the industry, but you get my drift) Imogen Heap, the Ting Tings, MGMT, Phoenix, even Jason Mraz.

Random thoughts: What was with the Best Solo Rock Performance list? I like all of these artists: Springsteen, Dylan, Young, Fogerty and Prince – but Fogerty and Neil Young? Seriously? Why aren’t younger rockers being given their chance here?  Also Heavy Metal is a big yawn. Same old, same old.

Nice to see Green Day back. Also nods to AC/DC,  Heather Headley, Musiq Soulchild, Kid Cudi, Keith Urban. All good, solid musicians.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Have any favorites? Hate some of the noms? Any thoughts about artists you felt were left out?

The 52nd Grammys will be shown on CBS on January 31st so we will have 7+ weeks to jaw about this. LOL

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  1. I really like Lady gaga and so happy hear she got I think 5 nominations? But I think you are right, she may not win many.

  2. I’m shocked by the Broadway soundtracks. Why wasn’t NEXT TO NORMAL nominated? It won for musical of the year at the Tonys? Weird. And why is a touring album (Ain’t Misbehaving) nominated?

  3. I agree about Next to Normal. How could it win the biggest Tony award of the night and not get a Grammy?I don’t think Hollywood “get” Broadway anyway.

  4. I say Beyonce will take all the awards!!! She is so awesome. Quite a singer.
    PS Love your blog especial the mystery guests!

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